Optimising Your Website Design to Improve the Customer Journey

First impressions count. A beautifully polished website can set you apart from your competition. In the eyes of a consumer, a business’ website is an immediate indication of the quality of its products or services. Consumers need to feel confident that they are engaging with a product or service that is ‘the best in the business’. Put simply – a poorly crafted website indicates a poorly crafted product or service, making it easy for consumers to look elsewhere.

The traditional customer journey refers to a 5-step model which describes the considerations consumers make when engaging in an online service: Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Purchase and finally, Loyalty & Advocacy. The premise of this model can be applied in the following ways to improve the customer journey and increase your website traffic.

Conducting a Site Audit

One of the best ways to identify any pain points within your online customer journey is to conduct a Site Audit. Think Creative Agency offers a FREE comprehensive Site Audit which examines the performance of a website. From here, we can identify areas for improvement, and offer a comprehensive approach to increase your engagement and traffic goals.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Part of assessing the effectiveness of your website means considering the needs of your target audience and their expectations. For businesses, this means examining things like the accessibility of your website – is it optimised for mobile browsing? Is it easy to navigate? This is of particular concern for younger or professional audiences, who are frequently searching on-the-go, on smaller, compact screens. Incorporating a customer-centric focus throughout the design of your website can contribute to higher conversion rates. After all, a positive customer journey is likely to produce higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Making the Necessary Changes

Once the areas for improvement have been identified, within your customer journey, it is important to act on them in a timely fashion. Following a consultation with Think Creative Agency, we enter the planning and designing phase, which is supported by in-depth research and sitemaps, wireframes and creative concepts. When the design is signed off, we begin the build followed by extensive cross-platform user testing. It is in these finer details that your customers will find ease in navigating your website, increasing your engagement.

If you are interested in optimising your website to ensure your Customer Journey is seamless, give us a call. Think DISystem team are experienced in executing holistic website solutions.

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