SEO Copywriting: A Fast Track Guide

The three most important tools to improve your SEO Copywriting is to revise content through keyword research, structure, and streamlining.


Did you know 93% of online journeys begin with a search engine? Understanding what users are searching for is seamlessly intertwined with any SEO copywriting, as it formulates the backbone of any key content written. By researching and creating a detailed understanding of your topic, you can more effectively choose the most relevant keywords for your text.


Writing structure is a foolproof way to ensure your text is more easily digestible to your audience. Websites with clear content and structure are rewarded by Google, leading to boosted SEO rankings and higher conversions. With evolving reading habits, many now skim texts, looking for headings or key indications rather than examining lengthy paragraphs. Essentially, readers need to grasp the most important content from your article within the first sentences.

TOP TIP: Try using the inverted pyramid style: which means putting your most important information at the beginning of your text, making it direct and easily visible.


Fine-tuning your content so that it acknowledges and hacks the challenges of the modern-day algorithm is essential to streamlined SEO copywriting. To ensure better cohesion there are a couple of crucial things you can do. The first, and safe to say most important one, is to STOP key phrase stuffing! Google and many other search platforms reward content that is organic and original.

Want to transform the delivery and overall cohesion of your writing? Editing is essential to creating interesting copy, as it ensures a seamless message is presented. Successful editing involves keeping an eye out for awkward sentences, unclear phrasing, and jumbled paragraph structures. This allows for a better piece that boasts more value.

Writing convincing copy that delivers on business outcomes comes naturally to our well-versed team of copywriters. From blogs, newsletters, website content and brand messaging, contact us to see the number of ways the DISystem can help.

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