Increasing Website Traffic: The Key To Growing Your Business

Increasing website traffic is a vital tool to driving business. Yet, many managers and business owners struggle to exploit the opportunities that improved traffic to your traffic offers.

‘But how?’ you might ask yourself. With the overwhelming abundance of information available on driving website traffic, it can be hard to figure out where to start. This article highlights some the most important steps and ways to use the tools that are available to you to help your business grow.

But before we jump into the ‘how to improve’ part, it’s important to consider the ‘what’ we are improving. Without properly analysing your website’s current generated traffic, there’s no way of telling how you are currently doing. By using tools such as Google Analytics, you can get insight into visitor numbers, pages visited and duration of visits. Doing so will not only give you that benchmark you want to compare against, but it will also help to show the areas of your website where you will need to make improvements.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To make sure you have a higher chance of generating quality traffic, your website should include topics, articles and web pages with content that target relevant keywords. Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can determine which keywords are currently driving traffic to your website. The more you focus on the keywords that are important to your audience, the better your chances of driving quality traffic. Doing research on the keywords that matter to your audience can get you a long way towards achieving your SEO goals. Alongside choosing the correct keywords, making sure your website has an appropriate URL and concise Meta Description are important for improving visibility and ranking.

Online and Social media

While improving the content of your website is an important start to generating traffic, social media platforms offer a free and valuable tool to driving people to actually visit your website. However, don’t rely solely on Facebook or LinkedIn to get your visitors. Rather, think about creating a broad online presence that targets popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as the less common platforms like Pinterest, Reddit and Tumblr. Once again, doing research on the demographic of each of the platforms will be helpful to determine which platform best suits your business.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another great way of attracting traffic to your website. Like social media, emails can be used to promote your website’s content and invite people to visit your website.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is perhaps the most effective method for increasing website traffic. However, as the name indicates, this method will require you to have a budget and you should thus consider coming up with a clear strategy based on target audience research. For most industries, the use of Google Ads is seen as the number one platform to increase website traffic. Alongside Google, other commonly used platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and industry-specific websites.

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